Code Of Conduct

The sole purpose of our existence is being part of your every franchise experience. While we eagerly wait for your ratings, reviews, experiences, suggestions, comments, and descriptions, we have few expectations from every Franchise Review user. Content posted by the user in the form reviews, photos, profile, and comments, are all subject to our Content Guidelines, our Franchise Review Code of Conduct.

If your activity on Franchise Review is not in accordance with our content guidelines, we reserve the right to take appropriate action. This includes but not limited to altering or deleting your comments or reviews, or deleting your Franchise Review account, with or without notice. Franchise Review also monitors and removes suspicious reviews with the help of an algorithm. If you feel that your review was deleted in error, please email us at

Franchise Review Code of Conduct

  1. Relevant and informative: Your support is needed in making the reviews, comments, and suggestions relevant and informative. If the space is filled with junk, spam, irrelevant, inappropriate, or promotional content, we might have to remove it without notice.
  2. Recent: Your most recent experience with the franchise should be shared. Only one review per franchise can be submitted and it should be most recent one. This will help other users in framing their opinion about the franchise. You can edit and update your review based on subsequent visits at any time.
  3. Zero Abuse Policy: We at Franchise Review believe and practice Zero Abuse policy. We will delete content without notice that has lewdness, threats, abusive, foul, and hateful language. We strictly discourage discrimination and will delete derogatory comments based on someone’s protected characteristics (e.g. race, religion, gender, sexual orientation). Further, we will also delete content that is posted on our platform due to personal vendetta against a business and its associates.
  4. Plagiarism: We expect users to post original content. Please don’t steal content by copying others’ reviews, photos, or even re-posting your own in multiple places on Franchise Review (in part or in full). This will not be tolerated. We expect that you will be fair by creating your own content.
  5. Complete Story: Please share your complete experience with the franchise. Although we love summaries but incomplete reviews will be removed. Remember honesty is the best policy so if you have been associated with a franchise in any way (e.g. employee, owner, guest) give full disclosure in the review.
  6. Real Identity: Your profile on Franchise Review is your identity, please don’t submit false information. Also, please refrain from using inappropriate names, bios, or profile images. We reserve the right to delete your account if false or inappropriate content is submitted.
  7. Laws and Regulations: Your content should be in accordance with Franchise Review Terms and Conditions as well as local laws and regulations. Local laws take precedence, and content may be moderated to comply with these.
  8. Contact the Authorities: Franchise Review is a website and mobile application. We do not claim to be a court of law or law enforcement agency. If you have a dispute with a franchise or you feel a franchise does not measure up to ethical/ legal codes, we encourage you to contact the appropriate authorities directly. Franchise Review is not the appropriate platform for reporting illegal activities, physical confrontations and other violations, rather than mentioning in reviews, we encourage reporting such accusations to concerned authorities.

Photo Guidelines

We have photo guidelines and it’s important to take note of these in order to understand why some photos may be removed from our platform. Photos that are clear, in focus, and are relevant to the franchise will be part of the franchise photo gallery. Users can also post photos as part of their review for validation and context. Plagiarized photos, promotional content, photos of others posted without their permission, exact duplicates, and very unpleasant photos will be removed.

Franchise Guidelines

Franchise Review is a great platform for parent company to promote their franchise business. A few things they should keep in mind.

  1. Listing updated: We at Franchise Review work very hard to keep information on our platform up-to-date, we expect you to support by informing us when an update is required. If your listing is not updated, it can have negative impact on your business.
  2. Fake Reviews: Don’t lure users to submit fake reviews. The best way to get reviews is to delight customers with high level of service and dedication.
  3. Take criticism positively: Criticism (negative reviews and comments) must be taken positively irrespective of the fact whether you agree with it or not. It gives you an opportunity to fix things. Using the management response functionality you can respond to reviews but don’t use this platform to settle scores or offer an incentive to customers for editing their review. Your response cannot be edited once posted, so be careful.
  4. Accountability: Franchise Review will not moderate any questionable activity about your franchise posted in the reviews, comments, and suggestions (e.g. harming the environment, breaking the law). First names of employees and mentions of owners will also be not moderated.
  5. Don’t fear: Users threatening to post negative reviews, ratings and comments if their demands are not fulfilled should not be feared. Similarly, inviting and entertaining users who have submitted negative reviews, ratings, and comments is also unethical. Please report users who engage in such activities to
  6. Neutrality: In order to promote neutrality we don’t allow franchise owners and parent company owners to submit reviews and ratings for other franchises in the same category. This helps in maintaining neutrality and quality of the content on Franchise Review.

Please note that Franchise Review have no employees or affiliates who are paid to review. If any person claims to be official blogger, review employee, or associate of Review Franchise, it’s not true. Franchise Review employees are contractually and ethically forbidden to receive any kind of special treatment. If you observe any such activity, please report to Appropriate action will be taken against the user or employee based on the evidence provided.

Franchise Review Employee Code of Ethics

Franchise Review employees are expected to uphold the highest standard of ethics and integrity. Employees are expected to abide by our rules, regulations, and policies.

Franchise Review employees are forbidden to use their employee status to receive any kind of special treatment from the franchises. Except for official business purpose, Franchise Review employees are to refrain from identifying themselves as employees of Franchise Review. Franchise Review’s sales team is prohibited from writing reviews or adding subjective content on Franchise Review from either their personal or Franchise Review accounts. They are also not permitted to influence others to write biased reviews.

Franchise Review’s photo and review moderators are required to always act in favour of keeping Franchise Review a neutral platform. They are prohibited from giving preferential treatment to franchises and must use their best judgement in implementing moderation guidelines. Deleting an authentic review, rating, comment, suggestion from our platform is in violation of our policies. Similarly, keeping reviews, ratings, comments, suggestions, which are proven to be unauthentic, is in violation of our policies.

Please email if you witness any behaviour not in compliance with this code as it is in direct violation of employee contracts.