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Mrs. Sangeeta Doiphode's Reviews

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7 months ago

WORST, CHEATING, LYING, DISGUSTING, DIRTY, AND STALE curd from punjab sind foods India pvt. ltd. This is to inform and raise a complaint against punjab sind foods for selling ADULTERATED, STALE, DIRTY, ROTTEN and DISGUSTING dairy foods in reliancesmart and it was 3 litres of curd purchased on 26/08/20 from reliancesmart, Mumbai Central and most of the time we visit the stores for MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS. But we don't have the problem we always used Amul or Heritage Dahi but that day none was available and this new we decided to try but VERY VERY DISSAPPOINTING AND DISGUSTING. After opening the first pack I told my wife that the curd wasn't tasting good, she told me it was the new product from the punjab sind foods. But after that the second pack too it started tasting BITTER, and the third started stinking so I told her to throw the packs immediately. Before throwing I took the pictures for complaining. How can you reliancesmart sell such a LOW-GRADED, STALE AND DISGUSTING CURD to the customer from a CHEAP, UNKNOWN AND USELESS COMPANY. This is UNACCEPTABLE AND CHEATING to the customers this things should be reported and the complaint should be lodged of both in the consumer court and the comment should be posted on each and every social network about the company and reliancesmart for selling STALE, DIRTY, ADULTERATED, ROTTEN and DISGUSTING dairy foods in the stores.

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